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Eight Eight Advisory is focused on providing bespoke strategic Advisory services to its clients based across the globe however mainly focused on the UK, GCC (largely MENAT) and India (throughout the ASEAN). The entity takes on a need based approach rather than a cookie cutter Consulting and Advisory styles adopted by several Big players that key in company names and numbers proposed in their existing calibrated branded models.
Eighty Eight carries a lot of gray matter and soul with actual business acumen and feet on the street empowering the practically applicable advice we provide to our partners. The game changing concept is the brainchild of two Enterprising and Empathetic Mothers who have been in Leadership roles as experts during their professional careers. As they set out to make a difference to the gender balance SDGs and empower more women led businesses across the globe Eighty Eight Advisory has a lot to deliver by 2030.
This however is not just All Women or for women entity, we trust in equity and giving equal opportunity to all internal and external customers, if you have stayed with us and read up this long – more power to you.
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